So BlockBuster has quietly added a few Playboy DVDs to their library of online movie rentals. They didn’t mention this publicly and you can only get R-rated versions by online rental, but they have the X-rated movies for sale. To locate these DVDs you need to visit BlockBuster Online and search for “playboy”.

I’m sure Blockbuster doesn’t plan on getting into the business of renting out movies bordering on pornography, but Intelliflix offers a combined online rental package which includes adult DVDs and video game rentals in addition to the usualy Hollywood, foreign and Indy DVDs.

BlockBuster Online issued a press release recently in response to NetFlix’s admission that they reserve the right to throttle their more active subscribers.

Throttling in this context refers to the practice NetFlix has been forced to admit to which causes the more active movie rental subscribers to have their next movies sent out slower, and not receive the new release films with the same preference given to less-active subscribers. We’ve written about this practice several times here (see related articles below).

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Netflix Freak 2.3 from The Little appfactory was just released. It’s a Mac OS native application for NetFlix subscribers which allows drag-and-drop reordering of your NetFlix Queue plus tons of other features (see partial list below).

MacWorld gave it 4 1/2 mice in a September 2005 review:

In addition to a much better interface for managing your movie queue, it offers improved searching and browsing of Netflix’s library to help you find the perfect movie. You can also quickly search your own queue and see your entire rental history.

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(For the Netflix version of this tool, please see NetFlix IMDB Movie Lookup)

Here’s a free utility bookmarket for your Internet Explorer, FireFox or Safari bookmarks toolbar: when you’re browsing through movies at BlockBuster Online, just click on the bookmarklet to locate the movie at the Internet Movie Database website ( To install it, drag the link below labeled IMDB:BB up to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar.

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(If you use BlockBuster Online instead of Netflix, you’ll need a different version of this tool; please see BlockBuster IMDB Movie Lookup)

Here’s a couple of useful bookmarklet hacks which allow you to search for a NetFlix movie at the Internet Movie Database website (, or… when you’re browsing a movie at IMDB, you can quickly bring it up at NetFlix. Just drag the link below labeled IMDB:NF up to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar.

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Blockbuster OnlineToday’s Bonus: I just located a promotional coupon code for BlockBuster Online DVD rental which purports to offer one free month of service. This is apparently for use by BlockBuster Employees but they don’t presently check on you when you use it. To get your free month, visit BlockBuster Enter bbstore in the promotional code field.

Recently (in response to a subscriber class-action suit filed against NetFlix, Inc.), NetFlix quietly revised their terms of service (and ironically, their TOS do not include the requirement to notify subscribers when they make such changes — see the highlighted text below)

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As NetFlix’s growing subscriber base proves, more people are choosing to rent DVDs online and receive them in their mailbox instead of always making a trip down to the nearest video rental store. There are several compelling reasons for online DVD rental these days.

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